By Caitlin Carlson (B.A., ‘06)

For three days in March, Women and Philanthropy spotlighted women in the CSU community who shared their passions, their expertise, and their accomplishments during a series of virtual programs.

A Few Takeaways

Everyone will take away something different from the experience and apply what they learned in individual ways. Here are a few of the things I took away from the event:

  • Conduct a digital analysis of yourself. Your presence on social media platforms can help position you for professional success.
  • Single parents face a host of unique challenges when pursuing an advanced degree. Campus resources exist to help.
  • In examining the unintended consequences of legalized prostitution, the question of “consent” is critical to the discussion.
  • Leadership modeling and advice can come from anyone – in Yolanda Bevill’s case, her mother.

Of the event, Women and Philanthropy member Traci McBee Rowe (B.S.,’03) said, “Listening to these women has been fantastic and inspiring.”

We plan to bring back this program next year. Look for more information about Gather, Conversations to Inspire 2022 in January.