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Ambassadors for Philanthropy

CSU’s Digital Fundraising Program

The Digital Engagement Center CSU’s outbound engagement center that is staffed by CSU students who make phone calls to CSU alumni, family, and friends. If you see (970) 491-3402 on your caller ID, that’s us! Our student ambassadors would love to talk to you and share exciting news from CSU, plus invite you to make a gift to help support students at CSU!

Don’t have time to talk but still want to support CSU students? Please consider making a gift online.

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I made a pledge, how can I fulfill it?

Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with a student ambassador and a bigger thank you for your pledge! You should receive an email or letter a few days after your call with instructions on how to easily fulfill your pledge, whether you prefer to pay online, over the phone, or by mail.

If you didn’t receive a message or don’t have it handy please feel free to call Noah Gent, assistant director of annual giving and membership, at (970) 491-5664 to fulfill your pledge by phone.

Why did you call me?

We make calls on behalf of areas all across Colorado State University in order to share exciting updates and news from areas we think you’ll be interested in! We also call to make sure we have current contact information for you and to invite you to make a gift to CSU and support current students. Our student callers would love to talk to you, so when you see (970) 491-3402 come up on your caller ID please pick up!

Staff and Student Ambassadors

The Digital Engagement Center is managed and operated by the Department of Annual Giving and Membership. Jordan Cook and Noah Gent oversee the program on a daily basis, but it’s truly the 25-50 student employees who are the heart of the Digital Engagement Center program. Please feel free to contact Noah or Jordan using the contact information below if you have any questions!

Contact the Digital Engagement Center

Jordan Cook headshot

Jordan Cook

Coordinator, Annual Giving and Membership

(970) 491-2770
Noah Gent headshot

Noah Gent

Assistant Director, Annual Giving and Membership

(970) 491-5664