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Impact the lives of nearly 400 Rams student-athletes. Provide resources for excellence in the classroom and in competition by turning memberships into scholarships.

“Donors and the support they provide mean so much to our programs. The resources you provide give us the competitive edge we need to be successful athletically and academically. Knowing we’ve got such a committed group of supporters behind us makes all the difference when we step out onto the field each day, and we’re thankful for all that you do.”

When you join the CSU Ram Club you are investing in the future of Rams Athletics and the lives of tomorrow's leaders. Colorado State University Athletics is committed to attracting, educating, developing, and graduating the most qualified student-athletes in the nation. Your membership not only helps us carry out that commitment.

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Goal for 2020: 1,500 new CSU Ram Club members

1,913 new Ram Club members added to date


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