About Our Impact

Our Impact

With one of the leading development teams in the country, University Advancement reached our $1 billion campaign goal 19 months ahead of schedule. This included over $220 million dollars raised for university capital projects, $184 million for CSU student scholarships, and millions more for life-changing research.

When you work for University Advancement, you are supporting educational access for students that otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to pursue higher education and groundbreaking scientific discovery.

Because of our efforts, our researchers have the funding they need to develop new cancer treatments, our students and faculty have the resources to develop innovative solutions to energy challenges that achieve global impact, and our university can work to find solutions to worldwide food insecurity, to lead the fight against climate change, and to live and learn in state-of-the-art facilities.

University Advancement is a high-performing team that supports an even higher-performing campus community, and every day that our employees come to work, they make a difference.

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