Celebrate! Colorado State University


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Every year, Colorado State University celebrates the teaching, research, and service achievements of CSU students, alumni and friends, academic faculty, administrative professionals, and classified staff. As one of the most anticipated Universitywide events, we look forward to working with the various committees across campus which nominate and select our esteemed honorees.

If you are interested in applying to incorporate a new award to the celebration, please fill out this application form and email it to Marissa.Dienstag@colostate.edu for consideration.


Please enjoy several stories on just a few of the people who celebrated Milestones last year.

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Stay tuned for our individual Milestones lists below. 

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  • 30 Years
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  • 45 Years 
  • 55 Years 

If you have questions about your milestone year or status, please reach out to hr_records@colostate.edu and cc: csuevents@colostate.edu to ensure your info is correct.