Restoring Colorado’s Forests: Planting for the future

Supporting the Restoring Colorado’s Forests fund will help us purchase tree seedlings for planting on state-managed and privately owned lands severely impacted by wildfire or other disasters, as well as plant trees in areas most critical to water protection and wildlife habitat that provide the most public benefit. Reforestation helps protect burned areas, and reduces flooding and erosion.

Partners for Excellence Endowment: Forge ahead with the College of Business

Originally established 50 years ago by the first dean of the college, Dr. Donald W. Dobler, the Partners for Excellence Endowment provides ongoing discretionary funds for scholarships, faculty awards, technology upgrades, and areas of greatest need within the college.

Dean Dobler established Colorado State University’s College of Business amid the social complexities of the 1960s. For more than 20 years, he shaped the college with his vision that students come first, and business, carried out with integrity and skill, is a force for good that can solve complex problems and change the world, setting the tone for how we do business today – in teaching, in research, and in practice.

Honor Dean Dobler’s legacy and keep the College of Business at the forefront of entrepreneurial education. Your gift allows the college to equip students with the skills and competencies they need to build a fulfilling career and achieve their goals.

University Center for the Arts Endowment: Arts alive!

The UCA is an exquisite venue for music, theater, dance, and art, where future generations of arts professionals – in performance, creative production and design, education, therapy, or research – become contributors to the essential vitality of culture and society and advance knowledge in the arts through discovery, dissemination, teaching, and preservation.

It is center stage for 1,100 students daily, home to more than 100 faculty, and regularly opens its doors to community partnerships and productions.

Invest in this community treasure through the University Center for the Arts Endowment to support ongoing programming and equipment that keeps the center alive.

President’s Leadership Program: Transform students; transform the world

Established in 1989, the President’s Leadership Program is designed to meaningfully explore the personal, interpersonal, organizational, and social dimensions of leadership. The program provides opportunity for students to expand knowledge about diversity issues, values, and ethics in the greater context of leadership. In addition to traditional classroom course work, students participate in retreats, internships, and service learning to become more active, informed, ethical, and humanitarian citizen leaders. Create the leaders of tomorrow. Support the President’s Leadership Program.

CM Cares Endowment: Instill a passion for service

The CM Cares program, run through the Department of Construction Management, gives students the opportunity to work alongside industry mentors to build homes and complete other construction projects for locals in need and nonprofit organizations. Projects enhance accessibility and quality of life for the benefiting families and organizations.

Sustainable support for CM Cares is critical for the program’s success in providing students with opportunities to make a difference in the lives of others while actualizing classroom learning. The goal is to elevate the CM Cares Endowment to $1 million, providing enough funding annually to support student projects throughout the year as they actively solicit funding, materials, volunteers, and services for their projects.