Save the Elephants: Stop the ivory trade

Dr. George Wittemyer, assistant professor at CSU, has spent the past 16 years intimately studying the ecology, social structure, and habitat use of elephant populations in Samburu, Kenya. In 2009, his research took a tragic turn as a poaching epidemic fueled by demand for ivory in Asia began sweeping the region and the entire continent.

“More than 50 percent of elephant deaths in Samburu in 2011 were due to poaching, and this is affecting not just the death rate – but the entire social structure of these elephants,” said Wittemyer. “Elephants are intelligent animals with strong memories and familial bonds. When adult elephants are killed, particularly the matriarchs of families, it disrupts the entire group and leaves behind orphans that lack their normal support structure.”

Colorado State University’s “Save the Elephants” research is helping to inform policy makers and potential consumers around the world about the detrimental impacts of the illegal ivory trade on the elephant species. Your gift can help fund this continued research and efforts to stop the devastation of these majestic animals.

College of Engineering Dean’s Innovation: Invest in engineering excellence

Ensure the college continues to grow, retain key faculty, fund student scholarships, and improve outreach efforts through a gift to the Dean’s Innovation fund. Your investment shows your support for talented faculty and students in their groundbreaking research efforts and pioneering solutions to global issues.

The College of Engineering is educating the next generation of innovators, entrepreneurs, and corporate and civic leaders. Allow the college to forge ahead in its mission to serve society by educating students, solving problems of global importance, and contributing to national and international economic development.

Be our partner; create a better world for future generations.

College of Natural Sciences Aspen Scholarship Endowment: Seed success in natural sciences

Help seed a foundation of support for students in the College of Natural Sciences.

The Aspen Scholarship was established as a need-based fund that gives CNS students the room to breathe, grow, and show their brilliant colors within a chosen discipline. Help us give students a “leg up” rather than a “handout.”

“By awarding me this scholarship, you are making my college aspirations possible. Money has always been tight in my family. Over the years, my parents and I have worked an average of six jobs at once to provide for our family and my education; however, that tightness became nearly suffocating this past spring when my parents got a divorce. It was a shock to me and took a huge financial toll on all of us. This scholarship will help me breathe this school year, and I cannot thank you enough for it.”

– Nicole Kacirek

“This semester was different. I wasn’t certain that I would have the funds to even be able to afford a part-time student status. I am happy to say that I will be able to attend school this semester because this scholarship has granted me funds that will be going toward my school tuition. This means that I am one step closer to completing my degree and that much closer to starting my dream career, helping educate others on the importance of biology, ecology, and conservation. Again, I am very appreciative of your generosity and hope that like you have, I will be able to make a difference and give back to the community once I have accomplished my goals.”

– Eduardo Ruiz

Restoring Colorado’s Forests: Planting for the future

Supporting the Restoring Colorado’s Forests fund will help us purchase tree seedlings for planting on state-managed and privately owned lands severely impacted by wildfire or other disasters, as well as plant trees in areas most critical to water protection and wildlife habitat that provide the most public benefit. Reforestation helps protect burned areas, and reduces flooding and erosion.

Partners for Excellence Endowment: Forge ahead with the College of Business

Originally established 50 years ago by the first dean of the college, Dr. Donald W. Dobler, the Partners for Excellence Endowment provides ongoing discretionary funds for scholarships, faculty awards, technology upgrades, and areas of greatest need within the college.

Dean Dobler established Colorado State University’s College of Business amid the social complexities of the 1960s. For more than 20 years, he shaped the college with his vision that students come first, and business, carried out with integrity and skill, is a force for good that can solve complex problems and change the world, setting the tone for how we do business today – in teaching, in research, and in practice.

Honor Dean Dobler’s legacy and keep the College of Business at the forefront of entrepreneurial education. Your gift allows the college to equip students with the skills and competencies they need to build a fulfilling career and achieve their goals.

Little Shop of Physics: Sharing science

Colorado State University’s Little Shop of Physics shares the wonder of science in classrooms, local schools, Native American reservations, public arenas, and more through take-home kits, on the web, and via television.

The program, which operates on private gifts and grants, is now nearly 25 years old. Little Shop has reached more than 300,000 K-12 students and provides workshops to more than 300 teachers annually. Science is real, accessible, creative, and fun! Help this popular program continue to thrive! Little Shop has gone global – taking Little Shop lessons to the children of Namibia – to inspire the next generation of scientists and teachers to change the world.

Engineering Faculty Achievement Award Endowment: Tackle world challenges

Support bringing the best and brightest engineering scholars and researchers to Colorado State University. Help our College of Engineering stay on the leading edge.

Faculty at CSU impact future generations of students and leaders; break new ground impacting water, health, energy, and the environment; and bring positive change to global issues. CSU engineering graduates are changing the world. Private support of the Engineering Faculty Achievement Award Endowment helps make CSU an enticing environment for teaching, research, and leading to happen. Join us!

CVMBS Greatest Need: Invest in the greater good

The dean’s CVMBS Greatest Need fund provides funding for future veterinarians and expert scientists to be involved in community outreach and engage in experiential learning opportunities. At home and abroad, students learn to improve the health of animals, people, and the planet through innovative research and service.

Last year, the fund sent several veterinary students to volunteer at a spay/neuter clinic in Mexico and a number of graduate students to study radiation science in Japan, as well as supported student clubs, scholarships, and service organizations.

Create a better tomorrow by investing in education, engagement, and outreach today.

Center for Conservation on Private Lands: Conserve Colorado’s natural landscapes

Through research, the Center for Conservation of Private Lands protects ecologically sensitive lands from the increasing pressure of development, invasive insects, diseases, plants, soil erosion, and other challenges. The center provides resources to landowners striving to mitigate these pressures and restore biodiversity while sustaining working farms and ranches.

Your gift allows the center to serve as an international hub for research, education, and outreach to promote conservation best practices on private lands.

College of Agricultural Sciences Enrichment: Grow leaders

Help the college recruit the best agricultural teachers, scientists, and leaders in the world. Support for the College of Agricultural Sciences Enrichment fund allows College of Agricultural Sciences students and faculty to study agricultural systems here at home and around the world, and provides funds for experiences that create student leaders in the industry.

From the founding days of this University, agriculture has been at the core of CSU’s academic enterprise. The next generation of thinkers will be prepared to tackle the grand global challenges in agriculture, thanks to support from passionate donors like you.

Your gift toward the College of Agricultural Sciences Enrichment fund is an investment in the college’s legacy of innovation, leading research, and education of tomorrow’s leaders.