Save the Elephants: Stop the ivory trade

Dr. George Wittemyer, assistant professor at CSU, has spent the past 16 years intimately studying the ecology, social structure, and habitat use of elephant populations in Samburu, Kenya. In 2009, his research took a tragic turn as a poaching epidemic fueled by demand for ivory in Asia began sweeping the region and the entire continent.

“More than 50 percent of elephant deaths in Samburu in 2011 were due to poaching, and this is affecting not just the death rate – but the entire social structure of these elephants,” said Wittemyer. “Elephants are intelligent animals with strong memories and familial bonds. When adult elephants are killed, particularly the matriarchs of families, it disrupts the entire group and leaves behind orphans that lack their normal support structure.”

Colorado State University’s “Save the Elephants” research is helping to inform policy makers and potential consumers around the world about the detrimental impacts of the illegal ivory trade on the elephant species. Your gift can help fund this continued research and efforts to stop the devastation of these majestic animals.

New Start for Distinguished Veterans: Serve those who have served

For decades, Colorado State University has proudly supported our military in and out of the classroom. Consistently named a military-friendly school, one of the ways we serve is through our New Start program, which provides individualized services and support to student-veterans who have sustained injuries while serving our country.

New Start, a program managed by the Department of Occupational Therapy, offers veterans a place on campus they can call home – a place providing support for memory, concentration, and physical challenges, as well as resources for stress management, academic skill-building, and much more.

As post-9/11 war veterans enroll in college by the thousands, record numbers of them have sustained serious injuries such as traumatic brain injury, amputations, burns, blindness, and/or post-traumatic stress disorders while on active duty. New Start responds to these challenges, offering comprehensive, individualized services that focus on strategies and tools designed to diminish or eliminate the potential barriers to success that many veterans face.

New Start respects our veterans’ pasts and provides encouragement for bright futures; your gift keeps the program alive and available to them as an absolutely free campus resource.

Always Remember Never Surrender Scholarship Endowment: Take a stand against suicide

This award, established by a psychology student who was touched by the tragedy of suicide, serves as a positive force for change.

Suicide is the third-leading cause of death for people between the ages of 10 and 24. Nearly 4,400 lives are lost annually in the United States. This scholarship benefits eligible Colorado State University junior and senior psychology majors studying mental health issues with an emphasis on suicide prevention. Help save lives!

Marching Band Enhancement: Band together

Hugely popular at halftime shows, Homecoming, community events, groundbreaking ceremonies, Fall Address on the Oval, graduation, and so much more, our Marching Band is a symbol of time-honored traditions at Colorado State University.

Your gift to the Marching Band Enhancement fund ensures the 240-member ensemble, including talented musicians from all eight colleges, reflects the best of CSU – able to recruit new members, fund transportation to events, maintain their practice field, replace uniforms, and purchase and upgrade instruments.

It’s one of the best symbols of Ram Pride; help the CSU Marching Band legacy run deep.

Crops for Health: Feed the world

Your support for Crops for Health will help us discover food solutions that have the potential to reduce the physical, psychosocial, and economic consequences of chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

Crops for Health is working to identify and produce food varieties that maximize benefits to human health and make them profitable to grow and sell in a global marketplace. CSU’s College of Agricultural Sciences integrates education, research, and outreach into its mission. Faculty, staff, and programs advance research and contribute to the progress of the agriculture frontier. Invest in improved foods and health for the future!

James L. Voss Veterinary Teaching Hospital: Animal health at its core

The James L. Voss Veterinary Teaching Hospital at Colorado State University serves animal patients and their families while training the brightest minds in veterinary science and medicine.

The Voss Veterinary Teaching Hospital is home to one of the top three veterinary schools in North America. Treating 40,000 patients a year, the hospital is transforming animal health in the areas of cancer, cardiology, orthopaedics, neurology, equine health, critical care, and more. It also trains future veterinarians – an estimated 300 annually – to provide exceptional care for small and large animals throughout the world.

Transform animal health; support the hospital and invest in our dedicated students and faculty.

CVMBS Scholarship Endowment

Students pursuing degrees from the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences will lead groundbreaking advances and research in veterinary medicine, physiology, neurobiology, cancer treatments, environmental and radiological health, infectious diseases, and diagnostics.

In 2015, the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences provided more than 300 scholarships to its students, for a total of nearly $1 million. Join us in our mission to double this number by the year 2020. Invest in those who will significantly help animals, people, and the planet. Give to the CVMBS Scholarship Endowment.