Foundation Relations

The mission of the Office of Foundation Relations is to help the University community to advance relationships with private foundations and to work with our foundation partners to develop and support mutually beneficial partnerships across campus. Our goals are to increase the number of proposals submitted to foundations and the rate at which those proposals are funded.

We are available to help faculty and staff assess how foundations can help with their funding needs, identify opportunities, develop outreach strategies, and assist in proposal preparation. We also serve as a campuswide clearinghouse for information on all aspects of private foundation fundraising, including requests for proposals and new developments at key foundations.

For more information, contact:

Greg Lewis
Executive Director for Corporate and Foundation Relations
(970) 491-7908

Peter Hartman
(970) 491-3251

Sam Ernst
Assistant Director
(970) 491-3491

Gillian M. Townsend
Foundation Relations Coordinator
(970) 491-3647

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