Meet Members of Our Advancement Team



Meet Janet, director of Talent Management, Training, and Support.

Janet is inspired to come to work each day as a member of the University Advancement team because she gets to do what she loves and has the support of her team and administration to grow as an employee. Janet’s been with our advancement division for 16 years, and with Colorado State for 30!

“Thirty years ago, CSU was such a prominent fixture within the community – and is even more so now. It was also the largest employer in the city. I had attended CSU for two years prior to getting married and having children, and I always loved the higher education atmosphere. I am a learner, so what better way to feed my strengths than surrounding myself in a culture of learning. I was fortunate to continue my studies as an employee and complete my bachelor’s degree at the age of 53!

I love CSU’s commitment to education and diversity. And, I bleed green and gold as a result of my long relationship with the University and will continue to do so, even after I retire. Go Rams! In addition, I love everything about Fort Collins. The people are genuine, and it is a great place to raise a family. What I enjoy most is that we get the best of both worlds – city meets rural. I love the fact that the mountains are just a stone’s throw away and that at any given time I can see someone riding their horse along one of our many paths or greenbelts.”


Meet Jerick, coordinator, Alumni Association.

Jerick makes CSU his professional home because of the amazing work environment the University creates that maximizes his talents and makes him feel appreciated. “World-changing work is being done at CSU every day, and to be a part of that makes my job feel meaningful every time I come to work.”

Jerick was with University Advancement for three years in a professional sense, before his current role in the Alumni Association, but before that he worked throughout his college career as a student intern for various departments on campus.

“When I made the transition from another department to University Advancement, I received a thorough onboarding experience that ensured I had the tools necessary to feel great about my move and get me settled into my new role. I had a plan with my supervisor. I was given access to an onboarding partner who I met with every month in the beginning for an opportunity to ask those tough questions and receive some guidance for any potential situation. Everyone made sure that I felt comfortable and had the resources I needed to do my job successfully.

I chose Colorado State, because I personally believe that higher education is important to our society. With the current situation of dwindling state funding, I know that the work I do every day helps CSU remain a world-class institution and helps keep it accessible for students.

Living in Fort Collins provides that small-town feel, but still gives me access to resources and places to go/things to do. The culture and people are incredible. CSU only adds to that. It’s a land-grant institution that stays true to its values and missions, and is a positive force of change for the community and the world.”


Meet Amanda, assistant director of development, Principal Gifts.

Amanda is motivated by the commitment and dedication of everyone around her. “I truly feel like I’m working with the best of the best. I learn something new from my colleagues every single day.” Choosing to work at Colorado State because of the University’s commitment to excellence, Amanda’s been a part of the University Advancement team for two years.

The people, the pride, and the culture are the best things about this place. CSU attracts hardworking, dedicated, intelligent people who are incredibly fun to be around. In addition, CSU students, faculty, and staff are truly proud to be Rams – and it shows.

This culture and pride extends beyond our CSU community to the larger Fort Collins community. It’s such a unique, fun, and quirky place. As a native New Yorker, the sense of community in Northern Colorado still blows me away, even nine years after moving here. It’s something so special that you can’t really understand it until you see it for yourself.

The opportunity to make a difference in the CSU community, the generosity of others, and hearing the stories of our incredible alumni are the things that most inspire me about my position. Being able to pursue a graduate degree while having this wonderful job is a (really incredible) added bonus.

When people ask me how I like my job, I say, “I ‘pinch me’ love it.” It’s a gift to be able to be a part of this team and contribute to CSU!”


Meet John, regional director of development for our East Coast region.

John has been doing development work for six years, and he’s been with Colorado State University for more than a year. He chose to come to CSU because it was a great fit for him personally and professionally, and says, “In my opinion, there has never been a more exciting time to be a part of the University.”

“CSU has a tremendous national reputation for academic excellence and attracts brilliant people from all over the world, and it’s those people that make the University stand out from its peer institutions.

There is such a wonderful sense of community when you walk around campus, and I love how the Ram family plays such an integral role in the character of Fort Collins as a city. I love the close proximity to the Front Range, taking drives through the reservoir area, and the great restaurants and family atmosphere of Old Town.

CSU is as good as advertised. Even though I did not attend Colorado State, I feel like I’ve come home. The transition process was excellent, and it’s easy to see why people never want to leave. Coming to CSU was easily one of the best decisions I ever made. Go RAMS!”