“Gifts allows us to explore solutions and dig deep into an idea that we know is going to work and where that little extra funding will help us get there.”
  - Dr. Alejandra Huerta, National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow


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Creating Endowed Positions

Studying bugs so we can feed 12 billion

Endowed faculty positions help create world-class learning environments and enhance CSU’s ability to attract and retain the best and brightest research, teaching, and academic minds.

Thanks to an endowed donor gift, esteemed faculty and researchers, such as Dr. Leach and her students, can deeply explore how to make plants more resistant to destructive wheat field pests. The solutions they create could help feed the world’s growing population. Support CSU faculty’s innovation and excellence through endowed positions.


CSU has 17 University Distinguished Professors


CSU has 12 University Distinguished Teaching Scholars


tenure-track faculty


percent of tenured faculty have the highest degree awarded in their fields

Goal for 2020: Create 15 New Endowed Positions