College of Natural Sciences Aspen Scholarship Endowment: Seed success in natural sciences

Whether in biochemistry, biology, chemistry, computer science, mathematics, physics, psychology, or statistics, you can provide financial support for the next outstanding CSU College of Natural Sciences student to focus on the leading-edge of learning and discovery.

Help seed a foundation of support for students in the College of Natural Sciences.

The Aspen Scholarship was established as a need-based fund that gives CNS students the room to breathe, grow, and show their brilliant colors within a chosen discipline. Help us give students a “leg up” rather than a “handout.”

“By awarding me this scholarship, you are making my college aspirations possible. Money has always been tight in my family. Over the years, my parents and I have worked an average of six jobs at once to provide for our family and my education; however, that tightness became nearly suffocating this past spring when my parents got a divorce. It was a shock to me and took a huge financial toll on all of us. This scholarship will help me breathe this school year, and I cannot thank you enough for it.”

– Nicole Kacirek

“This semester was different. I wasn’t certain that I would have the funds to even be able to afford a part-time student status. I am happy to say that I will be able to attend school this semester because this scholarship has granted me funds that will be going toward my school tuition. This means that I am one step closer to completing my degree and that much closer to starting my dream career, helping educate others on the importance of biology, ecology, and conservation. Again, I am very appreciative of your generosity and hope that like you have, I will be able to make a difference and give back to the community once I have accomplished my goals.”

– Eduardo Ruiz