MyState Scholarship: Bring Colorado’s best to CSU

The MyState Scholarship allows Colorado State University to continue to attract and retain the highest-caliber students by sustaining their educations with scholarships.

Private support is critical to CSU’s ability to attract Colorado students.

Colorado State University continues to be the school of choice for in-state students, but this CSU point of pride is at risk, because funds are not available to compete with scholarship offers from other Colorado universities. Established to meet the financial needs of exceptional low-middle income students ineligible for Pell Grants, the MyState Scholarship awards academically strong students.

The value these exceptional, in-state students add to the campus community is immeasurable. They raise the bar, they make a splash, they represent the best of what higher education has to offer, and they will change the world. Help us ensure that CSU embodies the state of excellence by supporting high-achieving Colorado students and recognizing their merit.