University Center for the Arts Endowment: Arts alive!

Support the University Center for the Arts Endowment at Colorado State University – a place that provides joy to the community and encourages expression, that allows exploration of different cultures and broadens perspectives, a place that enhances understanding of the world around us.

The UCA is an exquisite venue for music, theater, dance, and art, where future generations of arts professionals – in performance, creative production and design, education, therapy, or research – become contributors to the essential vitality of culture and society and advance knowledge in the arts through discovery, dissemination, teaching, and preservation.

It is center stage for 1,100 students daily, home to more than 100 faculty, and regularly opens its doors to community partnerships and productions.

Invest in this community treasure through the University Center for the Arts Endowment to support ongoing programming and equipment that keeps the center alive.