Gratitude Week

Celebrating Gratitude

The Presidential Ambassadors are committed to service at Colorado State University and volunteering to help advance the mission of CSU and provide education about the importance of philanthropy.

The focus of Gratitude Week is about celebrating the positive impacts of giving back to CSU through one’s time, talent, treasure, and testimony. Private giving plays a part in developing new scholarships for students, new faculty positions, and building and renovating CSU facilities. It is a time to appreciate the donors and friends of the University that help make students’ education possible!

Check out several stalwart Rams below who have made a major impact on CSU!

Kevin Keefe

Kevin Keefe is a Colorado native and class of 1981 accounting alumnus who has given back to CSU’s community in many ways. He truly embodies the spirit of how Rams support fellow Rams through giving back. He is an avid supporter of the CSU community through his work as a Financial Reporting Analysis Accountant for CSU, to building and encouraging Ram Pride with CSU Alumni around athletics and by supporting students through the Fostering Success Program. He also created a scholarship in honor of his parents to support students from his home community of Eastern Colorado or a student from the Fostering Success Program.

Jazmyne Ewing

Jazmyne Ewing is a second-year student studying health and exercise sciences with a very exciting journey at CSU thus far. Recently, her commitment to serving those struggling with mental health has come to life through the Chris Bachman fund and the establishment of the Mental Health fund that was specifically created for students that struggle with mental health and allocates funds to their specific needs. By having this fund, Jazmyne hopes to help out those members of the Ram family that deeply need encouragement and support.

Dr. Eric Aoki

Dr. Eric Aoki is a Professor of Intercultural, Co-Cultural & Interpersonal Communication in the Department of Communication Studies. He has worked at CSU since 1997, so he is completing his 24th year as a RAM. In addition to teaching and his enjoyment of travel to learn about global and local cultures, Dr. Aoki values engaging in community, and lends his voice to advocacy work for CSU student diversity offices and other diversity-based causes. Outside of classes and advocacy he enjoys oil painting, reading, playing tennis, watching baseball & spending quality time with his family & friends. CSU is incredibly grateful and recognizes the contributions of individuals who are able to give of their time, talent, treasure, and testimony. Dr. Aoki gives back in so many ways that lift up the Ram family to achieve new heights.

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