Inclusion Matters

Principled Philanthropy

You Belong Here

Colorado State University’s University Advancement team advances CSU by connecting alumni and donors to their passions.

We achieve this mission by wholeheartedly embracing CSU’s Principles of Community and by continually striving to create an inclusive and equitable environment where the unique contributions of each individual are celebrated. Through a stalwart commitment to the practice of Principled Philanthropy, we are creating a future for Colorado State University where everyone is welcome and Proud to Be a CSU Ram.

PRINCIPLED PHILANTHROPY means fulfilling our mission of advancing CSU by connecting alumni and donors to their passions in a manner that exemplifies CSU’s Principles of Community, fulfills our obligation to transparency and accountability, and upholds the University’s commitment to diversity and inclusive excellence. In partnership with our alumni and donors, we invest in the CSU community with integrity and an ethical code of conduct, and in ways that fulfill our promise to create opportunity for all in higher education.

The Greek translation of philanthropy is “love of humankind.” Amidst even the darkest of times, philanthropy, and those who practice it, serve as a beacon of hope. Hope is alive in our students, faculty and staff who persevere. And it burns brightly within our alumni and donors who give generously in order to share that hope with our community and with the world.

Kim Tobin, Vice President for University Advancement

Our Priorities

Encouraging attendance of the Creating Inclusive Excellence Program, facilitated by the Vice President for Diversity Office.

Training offerings for new employees as well as ongoing annual offerings for supervisors and employees with topics ranging from traditional biases and unconscious biases to classism and hierarchical biases.

Recruitment and Retention of Diverse Staff
In support of CSU’s commitment to achieving a diverse workforce and student body, University Advancement considers diversity in the hiring process for staff and actively recruits diverse populations through focused efforts.

To support our inclusive culture and retain our talent, we are constantly striving to develop resources, programs, and opportunities for our employees to engage in our diversity efforts and our campus community.

University Advancement Inclusion Council
The purpose of University Advancement’s Inclusion Council is to advance UA’s mission by defining our commitment to Principled Philanthropy. To achieve this, the IC exists to create an environment that is inclusive and equitable, and welcomes, values, and affirms the contributions of everyone. The IC will work to remove persistent barriers that inhibit the success of members of our campus community, especially those from underrepresented and historically marginalized populations. The IC will promote organizational change through embracing inclusion and by ensuring differing perspectives from a broad range of backgrounds and experiences. In the unending pursuit of Colorado State’s Land Grant mission, the IC strives to hold the division accountable for promoting inclusion, integrity, respect, service, and social justice, which are the tenets of the Principles of Community.