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Thank you for championing the Colorado State University graduating class of 2022! Your past scholarship support helped remove barriers and illuminate possibilities for students like me.

Because of partners like you, 2022 graduates walk confidently toward our futures with the skills and resolution to realize our dreams. Together, I know we can build the world we believe in!

Please watch the video below for a short message from my fellow graduates.

Merry Gebretsadik, Bachelor of Arts, Political Science and Ethnic Studies, 2022

Merry Gebretsadik, Bachelor of Arts, Political Science and Ethnic Studies, 2022
Merry Gebretsadik

Scholarships Make Dreams Come True

Briana Tangredi, scholarship recipient
Briana Tangredi

“I fell in love with Colorado at a young age, and when it came time for college, Colorado State University was recommended to me by an alumnus. After researching online, I knew that CSU could provide the tools and research for me to pursue my dreams of becoming an Animal Scientist. During my first campus visit, I was welcomed by the snow-covered trees in the Oval and immediately fell in love with the beauty of it all. At first, I was nervous about being far away from home and knowing only a few people. However, I was excited about a new opportunity and the ability to experience the different seasons that California lacked. Now, I don’t want to leave. I am forever grateful to be continuing my education as a graduate student.”

Briana Tangredi, multi-year scholarship recipient and CSU Presidential Ambassador

Watch dreams come true as four D.V.M. students and 11 undergraduate students are surprised with the news that they’ve been awarded a scholarship. These students are an example of the incredibly dedicated, adaptable, and tenacious students who make the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, and CSU, proud every day. Thank you to generous donors for playing such an important role in our students’ success.

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Download this comprehensive report of how scholarships make a transformational impact on students. With you, we are developing the world’s next generation of leaders, educators, creators, healers, explorers, entrepreneurs, and innovators.

Because of You…

Sarahy Quintana
Sarahy Quintana

“If it was not for you, I would not be able to explore my field, study with amazing professors, or form those meaningful connections on campus. I have gained so much knowledge and confidence in myself while at CSU. These scholarships will help me keep my education going in graduate school. Thank you!” – Sarahy Quintana Trejo, Gil Gutierrez Memorial Scholarship

Spencer Turner
Spencer Turner

“Not only does your scholarship help me now, but it also has made me realize that providing for others is one of the kindest things you can to for those in need of help. I will pay this forward and help someone else pursue the dream you have provided for me and many others.” – Spencer Turner, The Lubick Foundation RamStrength Scholarship

Conlin Buttermann
Conlin Buttermann

“This award is a way for others to be involved in my educational journey with me. My family will always support me and my loved ones will cheer me on, but to also have scholarship donors support makes my world bigger, my responsibilities a little more serious, and my prospects even brighter.” – Conlin Buttermann, Harold B. and Sylvia F. Joy Scholarship

Aliya Blackwell
Aliya Blackwell

“By contributing to my education, you are contributing to the industry that feeds the world and for that I could not be more grateful. This scholarship will help provide me with the education I have always wanted.” – Aliya Blackwell, Niles and Dorothy Miller Scholarship

“The receipt of these funds will enable me to continue to meet the challenge of graduating early, prepare for my entrance into law school, and make a place working in environmental law.”

– Olivia Barden, history major

“I will remember your help and will appreciate you for life. Your help means so much, and I will make it my mission to help others as well!”

– Sarahy Quintana. English major

“I don’t think I am able to put into words the feeling of someone betting on you when they have never met you. I am honored someone believes in my dreams.”

– Rebecca Zulch, mechanical engineering major

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