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Scholarship donors make dreams come true for students seeking a college education. You are a part of our students’ personal journeys, and this video captures just a glimpse of the hope you inspire every day through your gifts.

“This degree was never just for me,”irst-gen student Kilo Kawaa-Gonales. “I’ve always thought of it as ‘this degree is for my community, for my island, and all of the people who poured into me this investment to love natural resources.’ This scholarship allows me to pay it forward.” Because of generous donors, current and future Rams like Kilo will continue to pursue solutions to the complex challenges of our time. 

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Choose an area or college to view and download comprehensive reports on the impact of scholarships at CSU that outline how, with you, we are developing the world’s next generation of leaders, educators, creators, healers, explorers, entrepreneurs, and innovators.

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“The receipt of these funds will enable me to continue to meet the challenge of graduating early, prepare for my entrance into law school, and make a place working in environmental law.”

– Olivia Barden, history major

“I will remember your help and will appreciate you for life. Your help means so much, and I will make it my mission to help others as well!”

– Sarahy Quintana. English major

“I don’t think I am able to put into words the feeling of someone betting on you when they have never met you. I am honored someone believes in my dreams.”

– Rebecca Zulch, mechanical engineering major

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