Talent Management and Human Resources

The Office of Talent Management and Human Resources is a core unit within the University Advancement team. We strive to create a high-performing, engaged, and professionally fulfilled staff. Our areas of focus include recruitment and retention programs, onboarding, career planning and coaching, mentorship opportunities, staff recognition, performance evaluation and management, and performance development consulting initiatives.  

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We are always looking for new individuals to join our growing teams. Please visit the CSU Jobs website to find the latest openings in our Division. Use keyword “Advancement”, or search within a specific department that is of interest. You can find a list of all University Advancement departments below in the section entitled Our Division

The work we do inspires innovation, creates new opportunities, and engages our staff. For more information, contact: 

Lindsey Dunn
Talent and HR Manager 
(970) 491-3661

Annika Yappert
Recruiting and Talent Acquisition Specialist 
(970) 491-7655

Angie Curtis
Assistant Director 
(970) 491-0566

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