Talent Management, Training, and Support

The Office of Talent Management, Training, and Support is a core unit within University Advancement that helps create a high-performing, engaged, and satisfied staff. Talent Management, Training, and Support includes recruitment and retention programs, systems training and development, career planning, onboarding, mentorship, staff recognition, performance evaluation and management, and performance development consulting initiatives. 

The work we do inspires innovation, creates new opportunities, and engages our staff and campus in leading-edge practices.

Find forms, learn more about UA initiatives, nominate a coworker, or find the help you need during a job search at one of the password protected areas below. 

For more information, contact:

Alexis Kanda-Olmstead
Managing Director
(970) 491-8217

Janet Meine
(970) 491-4887

Angie Curtis
Assistant Director
(970) 491-0566

Shay Galto
Assistant Director
(970) 491-3412

Linda Paule
Senior Reporting Analyst
(970) 491-3912

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