Milestones and Kudos – April 2016


Wendy Abbott, 10 years
Amy Jo Miller, 5 years

On-the-Spot Award Winners

We are excited to announce the recipients of the University Advancement On-the-Spot Award: 

kylan Marsh

"kylan was instrumental in creating the new online employee evaluation tool. He built the entire platform and quickly adjusted it based on feedback. This will have a substantive impact on the entire division and could not have become a reality without kylan!"

Sam Ernst

"Sam helped turn around an incredibly dense scientific research proposal in just four days. We had thought they decided not to pursue a foundation funding opportunity, only to receive their draft proposal four days before the foundation’s submission deadline. Sam was able to comprehend some very dense scientific information from a new research team on campus and ensure that the scientific points were not lost in translation. Sam’s gentle coaching has helped to elevate the fundraising story for a new research group."

Kris McKay

"Kris did a fantastic job coordinating a UA Brown Bag that brought in College of Agricultural Sciences faculty and staff to teach our staff about gardening and wellness. She also leads the monthly ADOD lunches and has done this for a number of years, which is incredible given her work and life schedule. Her dedication to professional development within the division is worth recognizing with this award."

Kevin Wixson

"Kevin’s management of the Grad Pack program has made a significant impact on not only the Alumni Association, but the University as a whole. Through his exceptional customer service and relationships with campus partners, Kevin has been able to overcome several obstacles, such as the unexpected return of the CLA test this spring. The entire University community will continue to benefit from Kevin’s work because of the impact the program growth has had on the overall alumni participation rate. Because of his efforts, more than 200 graduating students will have the additional support that Grad Pack members receive during their first year."

Please join Vice President Brett Anderson and the recipients' supervisors as we congratulate them for jobs well done!

For more information about the On-the-Spot Award, please click here. We encourage you to nominate a colleague or supervisee!