Message from the VP – June 2017

Brett Anderson, vice president for
University Advancement

Dear Colleagues,

Well, the time has finally come. This is a very bittersweet moment, as I write this last Update message as vice president for advancement. It has been an amazing eight years. I have had the great fortune to have been able to work hand in hand with all of you and support this wonderful University. You are an incredible team, and each and every one of you should be very proud of the job that you do and the impact that you are making at Colorado State University. I am so lucky to have been able to work with you.

Together, we developed the best advancement team in the entire country! It has been a dream come true. We have set so many records and made a lasting impact on the students, faculty, staff, and programs at CSU. However, the thing that I value the most is working with all of you and building friendships. I am going to miss much of the job of being VP, but I am lucky enough to continue to be involved with my beloved alma mater as a special assistant to the president. Without doubt, Tony has tasks for me to accomplish and some key areas for me to take a closer look at. For me, this new role does mean quite a bit less time on the road. I am looking forward to staying connected but functioning at a different pace – a pace that will allow me to work on my golf game, get out biking and running more, skiing, and a chance to reconnect and spend time with friends without the metrics always in my head (although they probably still will be).

I know that you all will continue to do great things under Kim’s leadership, and I am sure she is going to do an incredible job leading this tremendous team. Keep working hard, doing the great work that you always do, and continue to make me Ram Proud.

So, for now, it is goodbye as your VP. However, I need you to hear me say this one last time from this role – something that I know I’ll never be able to say enough – THANK YOU!!

Take care, and Go Rams!!!!