Milestones and Kudos – May 2016


Vance Sherwood, 10 years

On-the-Spot Award Winners

We are excited to announce the recipients of the University Advancement On-the-Spot Award:

Shana Bode
"I would like to nominate Shana Bode for her outstanding donor relations work in the College of Natural Sciences. She started in our office two years ago and has taken a leadership role in all aspects of donor relations. Shana recently managed the Day of Giving program in the college, which garnered more than $15,000 and increased the number of donors to CNS. This included creating a video for the project, as we had no communications or marketing staff at the time. Shana went above and beyond her normal job duties to create a beautiful and compelling video. She did this while only working three-quarter time and while serving in an administrative capacity for two searches in the college."

Laurie Paben
"I would like to nominate Laurie Paben for the On-the-Spot award. Yesterday, I was informed that one of our Frontier Legacy Society members had recently passed away. Due to unfortunate coincidence and timing, his widow received an e-mail blast from us regarding estate giving. I immediately called and spoke with the donor on the phone, and she understood the misunderstanding and unfortunate coincidence. However, in an effort to “go the extra mile,” Laurie personally delivered a gift basket of teas and a card from us to the donor’s home that evening. The donor invited Laurie into her home, and the two of them sat and visited for a while over tea – during perhaps one of the most difficult weeks of this woman’s life. Later that night, I received an e-mail from the donor thanking us and praising Laurie as an “asset to our hardworking team.” This, in my opinion, is what it means to have a donor-centric, go-the-extra-mile, culture."

Jane Belford
"Jane has provided outstanding teamwork in the completion of several funding agreements. Most recently, Jane had advised me and later prepared two agreements belonging to an ERHS faculty. Both agreements had several detailed components and changed as the donor reviewed the agreements. Jane never wavered with her efforts and added value to the final product. Jane provides prompt error-free work and takes time to understand the substantive part of the donor agreements. As mentioned, she adds value to what could be a mechanical process."

Amanda Giacalone
"During the past eight months, Amanda has been instrumental in the development of our qualification call-attempt reporting. This will become a key first step in our redesigned qualification process for Colorado State University. She provided the key specifications and real-world testing to make this process a success. Amanda also presented her efforts at a session at the Ellucian 2016 Live Conference. Her presentation was flawless and gave the technically focused audience a perspective from the “other side of the fence” that they really appreciated."

WiL Galarza
"During a difficult event, WiL went above and beyond in helping our college plan and implement the Dr. Gay Israel Career Celebration. WiL was flexible, proactive, creative, and supportive to a large group of individuals from the Dean’s Office and Department of Health and Exercise Science. When we saw that it was likely Dr. Israel would be unable to attend, WiL worked with LSC Event Planning to expand our space to ensure the safety and flow of the event with a large number expected in attendance. He thought ahead about messaging and gave clear deadlines for critical decisions. While some of these tasks are within the scope of his event planning role, WiL’s grace and gentle understanding helped smooth some challenging interactions among the other planners and simplified the decision-making."

Laura Sayler
"Most recently, Laura helped review a last-minute flurry of foundation proposals, making sure the associated complexities were fully addressed and the necessary signatures obtained. She has gone out of her way to work with us on tight timelines throughout my time here – the kindness and patience she shows through it all is remarkable. This most recent example is just the proverbial tip of the iceberg. She makes our lives in Foundation Relations much easier thanks to her willing partnership and clear communication. Laura goes above and beyond in every interaction. She helps us review proposals and secure foundation signatures at the last minute without sacrificing an impeccable attention to detail. Moreover, she handles the more onerous, left-field foundation requirement requests with aplomb, always willing to collaborate to find an acceptable solution."

Please join Vice President Brett Anderson and their supervisors, as we congratulate these folks for jobs well done!

For more information about the On-the-Spot Award, please click here. We encourage you to nominate a colleague or supervisee!