Milestones and Kudos – May 2017

Special Accolades

Michelle Deschenes, senior research analyst in Prospect Development, is a published poet who recently was invited to read her work as part of the Fort Collins Poet Laureate celebration. Michelle’s poetry has appeared in The Samizdat, a journal that publishes poetry to raise money for charity, and she is a regular panelist on the Pynchon in Public podcast. Michelle received her M.F.A. in creative writing from Colorado State University.


Nick Rogers, 1 year

Kris McKay, 10 Years

On-the-Spot Award Winners

We are excited to announce the recipients of the University Advancement On-the-Spot Award:

Eric Hjelm
We have completed a reseating process whereby we've allowed all 2016 football season ticket holders the opportunity to purchase seats in the new stadium. This effort was two years in the making, and Eric has been the leader of the band! Over the last two years, Eric spearheaded and produced four reseating multi-page booklets meant to communicate the somewhat complex process to our fan base and donors. On March 22, the process finally kicked off with more than 2,000 accounts having an appointment time starting every five minutes from 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday for six weeks. Sound complex? It was, and due to the sensitivity of such change from our fan base, the stakes were high. Eric handled the project beautifully. He has fielded thousands of questions from season ticket holders and communicated news – sometimes tough news – with clarity and kindness. He handled any hiccups in the process with grace under fire.

His personal interaction with the hundreds of fans and donors who have walked through the Moby North concourse doors has created an unparalleled customer service experience. We'd like to recognize Eric's incredible efforts to create a world-class experience for our fans and donors through the reseating process. Thank you, Eric!

- Keely Mendicino and the Department of Athletics

Paul Harmon
For the Love Your State Day of Giving this year, we wanted to create a really fun event that would engage our campus community. We came up with the idea of building a photo board featuring our beloved mascot CAM the Ram and President Frank. Paul is an incredibly talented artist and was the first person to come to mind for this project. I reached out to Paul and asked him if he could design and paint our photo board, and without hesitation, he agreed to help. We were on a bit of a tight timeline with this, and Paul was so quick to get it designed and painted and even helped with the construction. It turned out beautifully and was a HUGE hit with our students, faculty, and staff! I can't tell you how excited people were to get their photos taken in our board, and it really helped our event be a success. We are so grateful to Paul for making time in his busy schedule to help us out and creating a masterpiece that we will use for years to come!

- Thea Rounsaville

Janet Meine
Janet went “above and beyond” in searching for an alumna of CSU who was my son’s first nanny when he was born. I had the correct first name, a general idea of her graduation year, and the wrong last name. Janet kept searching and somehow found her!

Janet was kind, understanding, and available. She responded quickly and returned my call. I really expected a stonewall, institutional response when I first contacted the office. I was slightly embarrassed to even be bothering CSU with my request. I was treated kindly and with great warmth. Thank you, Janet!

- Jeanette (off campus)

For more information about the On-the-Spot Award, please click here. We encourage you to nominate a colleague or supervisee!