Milestones and Kudos – October 2016


Michelle Bradley, 1 year

Lydia McPeek, 1 year

Eric Patterson, 10 years

Simon Clasen, 15 years

On-the-Spot Award Winners

We are excited to announce the recipients of the University Advancement On-the-Spot Award:

Michelle Applebaum has provided outstanding teamwork in the completion of entity record updates. Most recently, Michelle has worked with me on several tedious but necessary records updates that will provide proper longitudinal history for major donors and major prospects. Michelle always communicates a can-do attitude and always closes the feedback loop. Furthermore, she has a great grasp on prospect management and adds value with her intelligence and work ethic. It has been a pleasure to work with Michelle, and I wish her continued success in all her endeavors.

     - Hank Galbreath

Shay Webb quietly and consistently teaches each of us how to best use the Advance system to the highest level each of us is willing and able to comprehend. I have watched her not only teach ME how to navigate and find what I need to do my job, but I've also watched her with others. Shay’s intuition and ability to assess the level of engagement of her "students" while teaching us best practices is exceptional. Her patience, when I ask the same questions three weeks in a row, and her expertise, when she observes me struggling and suggests a better way to handle the situation, is phenomenal. 

     - Karen Dunbar

Ashley Everett and Mark Schapker were a dynamic duo who took our CHHS vision to create a memory book for Bob Wilson of Columbine Health Systems, who recently received an honorary doctorate from CSU, and created an amazing showpiece. The project incorporated letters from administration, notes from Bob's family and friends, and photos from Bob's many interactions with CSU, and told the story of all the ways he's touched and supported this University. Ashley's creative eye, ability to tell stories, and attention to detail is superb. Mark was a wonderfully patient and gracious project manager. A big thanks to both of them! 

     - Katie Brayden

Tawny Chase, a few months ago, brought to the CGI table a big problem within the team: how best to manage the many team assignments and project priorities. Tawny took action! She went out on the Web, researched, and then experimented with different types of computer applications to see if there were any that could be adopted as a new tracking system. She did this on her own time. Tawny went to work developing the tool for our specific use, even giving it the new name "ATLAS." Because of all the thought and effort Tawny put into this, we went live with our new electronic assignment board Monday, Oct. 10. No longer will we have to visit the dry-erase assignment board. 

     - Melinda Gartrell

Tonya Malik-Carson was absolutely amazing about taking care of the Gregory Allicar Museum opening details. More specifically, she arranged for the housing and refreshments and all requested materials (NOT a small request), and she graciously offered to assist at the beck and call of the donor for four straight days. She greeted the donors to the Magnolia House, ensured that their favorite items were in stock, and showed up for all events, day and night. I saw smiles on the face of this donor that I've never seen before. Thank you, Tonya, for making the weekend special for our donor, his family, and his associates (more than 20 people).

     - Karen Dunbar

Kelly Liggett - Our team is very grateful to Kelly for going above and beyond to ensure our scholarship luncheon was a huge success. When our event coordinator had to travel out of state at the last minute due to a death in the family, Kelly cleared her calendar and took on not only our event, but the Homecoming parade as well – just days before they were to occur. She did so with grace and determination and demonstrated incredible efficiency and organizational skills – all with a great attitude. This was the first time holding our event at the Lory Student Center, so there was a lot of change and uncertainty. Kelly put us at ease, took time to learn all the details of our event and, during the event was incredibly helpful and worked hard to ensure our donors had a very positive experience. Specifically, Kelly provided great customer service – even taking the time to find a wheelchair for an elderly donor at the last minute and wheeling her to her car. The luncheon is our biggest event of the year, and we are so grateful for the incredible support she demonstrated towards her team and ours.

     - Simone Clasen, Jennifer Pedneau, Shana Bode, and Kelsey Moskitis

Karrie Butler - September/October is a busy time for all of UA, and Karrie is responsible for shouldering a lot of that weight in the College of Engineering. She runs our scholarship program and plans our annual scholarship brunch and fall Dean's Advisory Board meeting, all while also completing her regular job duties. This year, we also had a lecture series event that added to Karrie's workload, and she was able to take on some of the planning of this event along with her other responsibilities. Regardless of the scale of these tasks, Karrie made sure they got done (with some after-hours work included), and our fall events continue to be among our most successful. Scholarship recipients enjoyed communicating with her, donors valued her presence and hard work at our scholarship brunch, and our Dean's Advisory Board members shared their appreciation during their visit. 

     - Jessica Cox and Matt Carlyon

Please join Vice President Brett Anderson and their supervisors, as we congratulate these folks for jobs well done!

For more information about the On-the-Spot Award, please click here. We encourage you to nominate a colleague or supervisee!