Milestones and Kudos – September 2016


Keely Mendicino, 1 year

On-the-Spot Award Winners

We are excited to announce the recipients of the University Advancement On-the-Spot Award:

Nicole Franklin
"For the past two years, Nicole has voluntarily co-led the UA Retreat Planning Committee, transforming it into an incredibly powerful experience that demonstrates our commitment to our people and the values of community and team. Her calm guidance, attention to the vision and all the details that it takes to achieve it, support of the committee, and encouragement when things don't go as planned have helped make each retreat a great success. On the day of the retreat, she challenged herself to kick off the retreat, and she was remarkable in this role. It was wonderful to demonstrate to the division that leadership comes from within – that it doesn't have to be an official title. She was funny, smart, and started the day beautifully.

This year, in particular, was unusual in that the co-chair had to step down, so Nicole was solely responsible for leading the volunteers. As the staff person ultimately responsible for the retreat, I felt confident that she would pull it off, even though I was 2,000 miles away in Vermont when the retreat was coming together. She handled everything that came up, including a challenging setup and numerous missed communications, with a can-do spirit and incredible grace that inspired everyone.

We are so fortunate to have people like Nicole in the division who are willing to volunteer their time and talent at this level."

     - Alexis Kanda-Olmstead

Victoria Keller
"Victoria was the strongest of advocates for our communications, strategy, and visit with a billionaire who gives away millions for conservation in Africa. Victoria has been instrumental in forging a personal relationship between the Warner College and this person, complete with follow-up items with his foundation and the foundation where he is an active board member. Victoria was kind enough to make a journey with our dean and key faculty members to Aspen to participate in a two-hour meeting with the potential donor. She deserves to be recognized as a strong collaborator and colleague who is willing to go above and beyond."

     - Scott Webb, on behalf of the Warner College of Natural Resources

Please join Vice President Brett Anderson and their supervisors, as we congratulate these folks for jobs well done!

For more information about the On-the-Spot Award, please click here. We encourage you to nominate a colleague or supervisee!