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Your gift to the Women and Philanthropy fund at Colorado State University allows us to bring programming to our community; sparking opportunities to grow, learn and connect with one another. These gifts support our mission to connect and empower a community to elevate women and philanthropy at CSU.

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Old Main Bell close-up
Help preserve the traditions that unite us as Aggies and Rams, that tie past to present, and root us in the mission of our land grant university.
Support Traditions
Student Success
CSU students walking outside Lory Student Center
For many deserving students, a college degree is unattainable without generous support from individuals, companies, and foundations. There is no greater gift to students, and our world, than for students to have the opportunity to achieve their academic dreams.
Support Student Success
Animal Care
Dog receives veterinary exam
Your support will transform the lives of people who aspire to do nothing less than save lives, cure cancer, eliminate malaria, feed the world, and prepare the next generation of veterinarians, doctors, and scientists.
Support Animal Care
Marching band on Canvas Stadium's football field
Whether it’s in a game or in the classroom, CSU’s student athletes are driven to win. Your support for these exceptional students gives them the necessary resources to thrive in all areas of their lives, and the lives they touch.
Support Athletics
Arts & Culture
Creating a more humane, liveable, and sustainable world is as fundamental to CSU as our land-grant mission. Your support helps ensure that our next generation leaders are lifting the human spirit.
Support Arts & Culture
Woman inspects a solar panel
The health of our environment determines the health of our future. Your support ensures that CSU continues to bring innovation and excellence as we develop our next generation sustainability leaders.
Support Sustainability
Health & Wellness
Students conducting research
From mental health, to healthy aging to overall health and well-being, your support means our CSU is growing leaders who can optimize the positive development of people and communities.
Support Health & Wellness
Global Innovations
Researcher holds up a petrie dish
CSU cares for our community, Colorado, and the world by proudly advancing the discovery and creation of knowledge. Your support strengthens our ablity to deliver Carnegie R1 research that benefits the global community across a broad range of disciplines.
Support Global Innovations