Donor Relations & Stewardship

Our purpose is to express sincere gratitude to Colorado State University donors, all of whom play a vital role in the success of our University.

The Office of Donor Relations & Stewardship strives to provide excellent donor service and programs including:

Gift Policies

All contributions to Colorado State University are subject to the gift policies in place at the time of the gift. These policies, which are updated at regular intervals with permission from CSU administration, govern how gifts are accepted and processed at Colorado State University.

Commonly asked donation questions and frequently accessed resources are available below. For more detailed information about current gift policies or for all other questions, please contact the Office of Donor Relations & Stewardship.

For financial statements and IRS forms, please visit the CSU Foundation website:

For more information, contact:

General Donor Inquiries
(970) 491-7774

Colleen Meyer
Managing Director, Donor Relations & Stewardship
(970) 491-3110

Marla Trumper
Director, Donor Relations & Stewardship
(970) 491-7347

Katie Brayden
Associate Director of Development, Donor Relations & Stewardship
(970) 491-0993

Brittany Johnson
Assistant Director, Donor Relations & Stewardship
(970) 491-2264

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